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Avenue du Golf
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His dream since childhood

​Vincent Graffeuil owes his taste for great cooking to his grand-parents. "They cooked very well, that’s what got my taste buds going at the time". His ambition was always to become a chef.

Culinary career

Vincent Graffeuil did his hotel and cookery studies at Jean-Monnet high school. At the same time he did an apprenticeship, working with the chef Pascal Robert at the "Amphitryon" restaurant in the "quartier de la Boucherie" in Limoges. In 1995 Vincent Graffeuil worked as a cook at Place Jourdan for a year. The next year he moved to the "Tour d’Argent" restaurant in Paris, before moving back to the "Amphitryon", to become sous-chef.

Avenue du golf since 2005

Vincent Graffeuil finally settled as chef in the restaurant of "Le Green Saint-Lazare", where he still works today. In the restaurant’s green setting, seasonal products are always on the menu.